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MCAT Overview

The MCAT test is the Medical College Admission Test. Test scores from this standardized exam are used to determine admission into medical school. The exam measures a medical school applicant’s critical thinking, problem-solving and writing skills along with the applicant’s knowledge of science.


The MCAT consists of four sections. The Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences sections are multiple choice. The Writing Sample section requires two separate writing responses.


MCAT scores are available 30 to 35 days after test completion and may be accessed on the MCAT website. Each of the multiple choice sections is scored between 1 and 15. The Writing Sample section is scored based on the responses given. Most medical schools require MCAT scores to be no more than 2 to 3 years old.


It is very important to study hard for the MCAT. Practice exams are a great way to test your knowledge before taking the official exam. Practice exams are available upon registration with us..


The exam is given between January and September at testing centers all over the world. Registration should be completed online or at our office in person. Test takers with a medical condition or disability can apply for accommodations to ensure that they have an adequate chance to take the exam. For more information please contact us