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OET Overview

Erudite Consult is the first training institute in Nigeria that started providing training for the Occupational English Test. We have all the study materials required for this particular examination. Classes are conducted by tutors who are well versed in English and are rich in theoretical knowledge in Profession based English, respective to the concerned medical subject. 90% of students from our past OET batches have scored B grade and above and are well placed in Australia, New Zealand, The UK, and Ireland.

Regular / Part Time / Online Training
Our classes are scheduled for regular, part-time, and online methods. All our classes are divided into the preparation level and a crash course known as the intensive level. Longer duration classes are held for new students and crash course is beneficial for students who have attended OET exams previously or students who have a good level of English proficiency and just need some orientation. Longer class duration is 2-3 months and Crash batches are of 15-30 days’ duration only. Our training method is detailed below:

•Preparation Level
New students are offered basic level classes to familiarize themselves with the Occupational English Test (OET) Exam. OET is a test dependent on the time span and focuses on Health Care based English practice. It measures the capability in English in Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking. During this period, the time span stipulated by the OET Exam is not demanded in preparing the lessons.

•Intensive Level
After the basic level, the students will begin Intensive preparation as per the OET system and time period to prepare in each module of OET. Discussions are held before beginning the tests, After the test, the trainer discusses common mistakes in the class, and individual corrections are made. During these classes, students are given directions and tips on how to practice listing, writing, speaking, and reading in OET to obtain a better score in the OET examination. Model tests are given each Saturday, conducted similar to the OET test. The results are given according to the OET grading system, for example, A, B, C, D, and so forth. Students are given appropriate review and evaluation after the test and are provided special care on modules they find difficult. Once the student gets a score that is steady during every one of the tests, the trainer recommends him/her to book for the Test. Other Students will be held until they improve their performance and feel confident enough to give the test.

The best OET coaching center in Nigeria now is Erudite Consult. We are now recognized as one of the best course providers in Nigeria. All the OET trainers are qualified to teach OET. The course duration is 2 months and the fee is cheaper than many OET training centers in Nigeria. OET is a very systematic course where nursing professionals can learn language skills from expert trainers. A number of Exam practice tests and individual correction can also help nurses to get the OET B band in all modules. To know more about the course dates and structure, visit any of our offices

How is OET Graded?
The writing section of the SAT, based on but not directly comparable to the old SAT II subject test in writing, includes multiple-choice questions and a brief essay. The essay subscore contributes about 28% towards the total writing score, with the multiple-choice questions contributing 70%. This section was implemented in March 2005 following complaints from colleges about the lack of uniform examples of a student’s writing ability and critical thinking.
For each of the four sub-tests that make up OET, candidates receive a numerical score from 0-500 in 10-point increments e.g. 350,360, 370. The numeric score is mapped to a separate letter grade, ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest). There is no overall grade for OET. You will receive a Statement of Results which shows your score for each of the four sub-tests, on a scale from 0 to 500. Each of the four sub-tests is assessed in a specific way.

Final Information
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