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Study in Dubai

We assist in recruiting students to the following institutions in Dubai:

1 Dubai Heriot-Watt University, Dubai
2 Dubai University of Stirling, Dubai Campus
3 Dubai Murdoch University, Dubai
4 Dubai Canadian University, Dubai
5 Dubai Middlesex University, Dubai
6 Dubai Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai
7 Dubai De Montfort University, Dubai Campus
8 Dubai Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai (RIT Dubai)
9 Dubai The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
10 Dubai Emirates Aviation University
Institute of Management Technology, Dubai



As Dr Linda Angel right captures it, The United Arab Emirates (UAE)  is young, dynamic, and exciting – known for its incredible diversity, warm hospitality, political stability, economic vitality, safety, and religious tolerance. Here are some reasons to give this thriving nation a look when choosing your study abroad destination.

1. Experience a Unique Study Abroad Destination

Anyone can go to Europe, the Far East, or “Down Under”, but the UAE is a relatively new destination undergoing constant and extreme transformation. Don’t be one of the crowd – head to the UAE for a whole new kind of adventure!

2. Many Cultures in One Location
Study in the UAE, and you will certainly learn a lot about the Emirati culture. However, Emiratis only make up approximately 20% of the country’s
population, with the remainder coming from all over the Arab-Islamic world, and beyond! While most people speak English, walk the streets and you will hear conversations in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Tagalog, English, and any number of other languages. You will come away from this study abroad experience with wide knowledge and insight into a broad range of world cultures. The UAE is the place to discover the real meaning of the word internationalization.

3. Benefit from Excellent Educational Facilities  

There is a range of study abroad opportunities, from large public universities to smaller private colleges, and everything in between. Many of these will be accredited both by the UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
Research (MOHESR), and by an accrediting agency in another country. For example, the American University of Sharjah (AUS) is accredited jointly by MOHESR and by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the US. Not only that, but AUS’s individual programs are accredited to the “gold standard” within the US system (i.e. AACSB, ABET, and NAAB). This means that students can continue on with their major studies in confidence at a high-quality university while experiencing all of the benefits and adventures that study abroad in the UAE has to offer.

4. Explore All Seven Emirates
The UAE contains seven Emirates, each with its own laws, cultures, landscapes, traditions, and Sheikh, which is a respectful term meaning elder
or leader. Abu Dhabi – the largest Emirate and capital city – is known for:  a higher proportion of Emirati Nationals, vast oil holdings, and tree-lined avenues. Another claim to fame is the ongoing development of Saadiyat Island which will soon contain a branch of the Louvre, the Guggenheim, a Performing Arts Center, the NYU Abu Dhabi Campus, and a range of other attractions featuring modern and creative architecture. Abu Dhabi also boasts the magnificent Palace Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and green Masdar City.
The second-largest Emirate of Dubai features a modern, glitzy city, the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), seven-star hotels such as Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands, incredible malls, and fountains. The third-largest Emirate is Sharjah, which is a more traditional Arab city featuring the beautiful University City with park-like grounds and traditional Islamic architecture, as well as a range of museums and heritage areas celebrating the Arab-Islamic culture of the Gulf. Not far outside the cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, you will find yourself in the middle of the desert, with vast shifting sand dunes, camels, and the occasional Gaf Tree.
On the Indian Ocean side of the UAE, you can explore Fujairah, known for beaches great for snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. Northern Emirates include Ajman, Umm-Al-Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah – all featuring their own peculiar attractions and cultures. The entire country is surrounded by bits of the Sultanate of Oman, and the ruggedly beautiful Hajar Mountains filled with wadis, natural pools, and hiking trails.

5. Be Surprised!  
Headlines and newscasts can easily lead to the impression that the entire Middle East is filled with flames and chaos. Why not come and see the
situation for yourself, perhaps be surprised, and lay some stereotypes to rest. The UAE happens to be a very safe and modern country, with very low levels of violent and property crime. The diversity of the population means that there are definitely residents who have directly experienced some of the troubling events happening around the region, and you will learn a lot during conversations with the many nationalities living and working there. But, you may also be surprised at the extent to which business continues as usual.
Immerse yourself, read the paper, talk to residents, attend lectures, and find out more about what’s behind the news reports.

6. Meet Great People  
Arabs are known for their sincere hospitality, a strong sense of tradition, and great sense of humor. They welcome people from all over the world, and are anxious to share their culture and values. Expect to spend long hours discussing home and learning about your host’s while feeling like one of the family.

7. Learn About an Interesting Culture
The Bedouin are an Arab ethnic group that lives in the desert. Their long traditions are interesting and include shipbuilding, exploration, pearl diving, ruling families, camel herding, falconry, scientific discovery, Arabic language, shopping, etc. Studying Arab culture means walking amongst ancient iron age ruins and archeological digs but also modern art and cutting-edge architecture. The UAE offers a wide range of heritage areas, museums, festivals, galleries, and events to experience.

8. Try Any Activity…ANY

Water sports, parachuting, dune bashing, belly-dancing, trekking, eating, shopping, dancing, bargaining at traditional souks, studying, camel riding, exploring, traveling, observing, learning. The list really never ends. About the only thing you can’t experience in the UAE is boredom.

9. Many Program Options
Study abroad in the UAE as an exchange student (through a university partnership or ISEP), through a third-party provider (API, CIEE, IFSA-Butler), or as a direct-enrollment visiting student.  You can join for a semester or a year, and perhaps include an internship before returning home.

10. The Perfect Launch Pad to See More  
The Emirates are the central hub of the world. Students studying there can travel easily to and from their host country through one of the many world-class international airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Sharjah – or one of the regional airports. There are so many interesting and exotic locations nearby – India, Kenya, Bahrain, Nepal, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and many more. Reach both European and African locations in short plane rides.

11. Opportunities to legally work or live in Dubai

If one has the Emirates academic credentials, one will be able to have the jobs he desires as UAE places much value on the credentials obtained from the region which allows one to work anywhere in the Emirates and have the right working and resident permits.