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Study in United States

Study, Work, Live in United States

Six advantages of pursuing an undergraduate or a Master’s degree in the U.S.

1. The availability of several programs and universities is one of the first advantages of study in the USA. Apart from that, enrolment rates are also quite high compared to other countries.

2. The universities in the USA hire only the best people in the required field. They also invite certain foreign scholars for better interaction. This gives them the best faculty which attracts students for higher education in the USA.

3. Universities in the USA concentrate on the all-round development of a student. While studying in the USA also includes being helped financially.

4. Furthermore, the 1-year post-graduate program gives students an early entry into the job market. The UK’s universities provide internationally-acclaimed programs that are designed to nurture industry-ready professionals. When it comes to work opportunities, the chances of Nigerians grabbing a high-paying job are expected to increase significantly.

5. Moreover, to fill the vacuum caused by the declining number of applicants from EU member states, the UK’s top universities are now welcoming students from Nigeria with open arms.

6. Opportunity to become a permanent resident in the UK.